Sunday, March 29, 2009


Its been a wile since I've "blogged" about my daily art life. I decided this is the time to start all over again. Recently I've been doing an ink portrait a day, and thought it would be a good idea to document them here. I also do other creative things... and thought that mayyybbeee I would post about these things too...

So to catch myself up, here are the portraits I've done over the past few days:






All of these are india ink and liquid white acrylic on illustration board, 6" x 6" ...

I have 2 more to post ... until later! :)

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Jami said...

Jska - You are so gosh darn talented! Love the portraits. They look so real, but yet not real, which I think should be the whole purpose of art. If it looks like a photograph, then why do it? Anyway - wonderful.