Friday, February 12, 2010

Bill Murray progress

I apologize if this blog goes all over the place lately - I am working on a ton of things at the same time! I am currently getting my portfolio together to submit for scholarships to the TAD program. (For those of you who don't know what that stands for, TAD is The Art Department.)

Anyways, I took a shot at a conceptual portrait and decided to do Bill Murray. Mostly because I love him, and also because I'm pretty stoked about the Ghostbusters 3 rumors that have been circulating. I decided to depict a ghostly Peter Venkman, ironically looking rather saintly.

Here's the progress shots I've taken so far.

the initial pencil sketch on gessoed panel, 11"x14"

laying in the lines and darks, removed the hand because it looked funky

the tonal painting, knocked back with toned light grey gesso
re-enforced the whites with some titanium white acrylic and corrected the darks with some medium grey

Hoping to push this to color tomorrow!

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