Monday, August 2, 2010

TAD posters!

Well, its been a little while - so I figured I'd throw up some recent work. These are the TAD poster assignments we are doing for Composition and Color Theory... I was playing around with a few ideas for a while, but after today's crit in class, went with a final image and have been tweaking it to final ever since. I will probably be adjusting it a bit more before I turn it in ;)

The final I went with for class - I got to photograph on of my large abstract/textural paintings in my studio and use it as an overlay in photoshop!

Just something I was being silly with :)

The initial thumbnail, a more green version...

The thumb I ended up rendering to final, after gathering reference and textures!

There are a ton of really neat posters from my classmates - we are voting on a winner soon. The winning poster will be printed and put on display! Pretty cool!

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