Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jskaphobe on Ebay!

Edit /06/01/09 - Recently sold 2 pieces, they are noted below :)

Okay everyone, I know I have been gone for a while, but rest assured - the drama is (mostly) over with.

I have recently moved into a new apartment where I am able to have my own studio space, which is AMAZING. I can paint to my little heart's content and be as messy as I want. Granted, that's not THAT messy now that I have my own place. Remarkably, I've kept it quite clean so far. Annnnd I've even vacuummed a few times ;)

That being said, I am pretty low on the cash flow and need to get some new art supplies, so I decided to sell a few of my pieces I had laying around the studio after my last show @ Damnation Studios (pics to come!) I thought I would list them here with their respective pictures in case anyone is interested.

"The Smoker" Ebay Auction

"Mischief" Ebay Auction

"Madame X" Ebay Auction

"Luck" Ebay Auction



All of these pieces are listed at a starting price of $9.99, with no reserve. So you could potentially own any once of these pieces for $9.99 (plus shipping- unless you live in Vegas and I hand it to you.) If you have any questions about any of these pieces, please email me at

More daily art updates are coming up. I've settled into the new place and I've unpacked and organized ALL of my art stuff. I've even found stuff in storage I had totally forgotten about. haha

Until next time :)


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