Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Art Auctions Up on Ebay

The time has come to pay the rent at the studio and I need some help from my supporters and fans! I'm letting go of some of my paintings at some pretty good prices. The auctions are listed below. Spread the word! Your support is greatly appreciated! :)

"The Messenger" auction on Ebay

(Hate to see this one go, but I gotta do what I gotta do. One of my personal favorites, bidding starts at $19.99. This is a reserved auction, however.)

"Desperate Creatures" auction on Ebay

(Bidding starts at $9.99 for this 10"x30" mixed media piece! No reserve!)

"Goggle Girl" Auction on Ebay

(This 12"x24" steam punk portrait is also starting at $9.99. No reserve!)

"Death Horse" Auction on Ebay

(This mixed media 18"x24" painting is also starting at $9.99 with no reserve!)

"Lord Ganesh" matted 8x10 print Auction on Ebay

(This is a 5"x7" print matted and backed with archival matting to fit an 8"x10" frame. Bidding for this print starts at $.99! No reserve!)

Thanks for checking them out. As usual, if you're in the Las Vegas area, I am willing to take down the auction and deal with you personally. This will save fees and shipping costs to the buyer. :)

Thanks guys! New work posted soon!


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