Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse and Figure Drawings!

I've been SO BUSY lately!! I participated in the 28DAYS2A Zombie Apocalypse show at the newly re-opened Blackbird Studios (formerly Place Gallery) - and it was amazing! A lot of really gruesome artwork. I also scored a pretty neat "art of the living dead" pin :)

Here are a few in-progress pics of my zombie head piece, whom I affectionately named "Bob" :

This was polymer clay on a wireform armature...

I pre-baked the teeth to make it easier to add them to the scultpure without being squished!

Once it was all done and baked in the oven, I painted it up with layers of acrylic washes.

The Zombie Apocalypse show will be on until the end of October!

Beyond that, I'm still working hard keeping up with school and work - here are a few figure drawings I did recently:

For now, its back to the drawing board :)

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