Tuesday, June 30, 2009


That's right folks, its international portrait month over at ConceptArt.org!

They want to have to most portraits posted as possible on this thread :


And they just launched an Alla Prima portraiture download featuring EL CORO!

Anyways, I am hoping to finish a portrait a day (or more) this month for this event. Being that I've wanted to do a portrait series for a while, this is pretty good timing. So, I NEED YOUR HELP! Send me your faces! I need at least 30 to get me going, and so far I have about 10.

If I use your face, you will get credit, and a link to your website/blog if you have one.

High quality jpeg's are preferred. NO CELL PHONE PICTURES - the resolution is not good enough. (Sorry!) Send me what you have to Jska@Jskaphobe.com

Thank you everyone! :)

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